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Executive Staff
Greg McCauley 
Executive Director/CEO
Greg is the Executive Director, CEO, and co-founder of the Link Observatory Space Science Institute. In the early 1970’s, Greg worked for NASA at the Manned Spacecraft Center (now Johnson Space Center) in Houston, Texas in the Mission Planning and Analysis Division for the lunar missions of Apollo 15 and 16, and was a member of the Lunar Launch Team for Apollo 17. Greg is the former CEO of Advanced Imaging, Inc, an Indianapolis based national medical imaging and consulting firm. Greg serves as a Solar System Ambassador for NASA/JPL and lectures throughout central Indiana on planetary exploration. The Solar System Ambassadors Program is sponsored by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, an operating division of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and a lead research and development center for NASA. He is a professional science communicator and member of the Indiana Astronomical Society where he spent three years on the Board of Directors.
Greg McCauley
Kurt Williams
Deputy Director/COO

Kurt is the Deputy Director, Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of the Link Observatory Space Science Institute. Prior to joining us, Kurt was Managing Director of ALA, llc, a business consulting firm specializing in turnarounds and start-ups where he helped small and mid-size companies become successful. He also has a background in tutoring, teaching, training, public speaking and continuous improvement and is a professional science communicator. With a life-long interest in astronomy, science and space exploration, Kurt is well positioned to bring his background and enthusiasm to encourage students in all disciplines to explore and achieve their greatest potential.
Kurt Williams

Astronaut David Wolf
MD, EE, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Wolf earned a degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University, and later earned a medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine. At the same time, Dr. Wolf became a flight surgeon with the United States Air Force. He later investigated the physiological effects of microgravity while on staff at NASA's Johnson Space Center.
He has traveled to space four times, including three Space Shuttle missions and a mission aboard the Russian space station Mir. Dr. Wolf has logged more than 4,040 hours in space and has completed seven spacewalks in both Russian and American spacesuits. He helped draft the Executive Order reestablishing the National Space Council in 2017. Dr. Wolf works with the Institute on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational programming, public engagement and fundraising.

David Wolf
John Shepherd 
Director of Science Engagement/Senior Astronomer
John is the Director of Science Engagement, Senior Astronomer and co-founder of the Link Observatory Space Science Institute. John is a retired molecular and cellular biologist from Eli Lilly and Company. During the early 1980s, John was an adjunct faculty member at Indiana University/Purdue University teaching computer programming. John is currently faculty at Indiana University/Purdue University teaching planetary and stellar astronomy, and was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award in 2016. John has served as a member of the Daventry Supernova Survey team, University of Northampton, UK (Martin Nicholson, PhD principle investigator) for seven years. His current research efforts with the assistance of NASA/JPL and California Institute of Technology are in stellar Nucleosynthesis and observational astronomy utilizing the Link Observatory. He is a professional science communicator and a member of the Indiana Astronomical Society where he served as treasurer for 7 years.
John Shepherd
Mike Newberg
Director of Public Engagement

Mike is Supervisor of the Special Projects department for Bell Industries, contracting with Epson Office Products, but has been a stargazer all his life. Growing up in the country, far from city lights, Mike gained a deep appreciation for the night sky and learned many Astronomy basics, such as the constellations, planetary motion, and phases of the moon by observation. He is a professional science communicator and a member of the Indiana Astronomical Society where he serves on the Board of Directors. Mike also hosts monthly stargazing events with the IAS at McCloud Nature Park in North Salem, Indiana. As the Director of Public Engagement, Mike is passionate in sharing astronomy and space exploration with the general public.
Mike Newberg
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